Thursday, March 20, 2008

lloyd hotel

We arrived to Amsterdam around 5AM Holland time. The flights were long as always but fairly uneventful which is just the way I like it.

The taxi driver dropped us off at the door step of the glorious Lloyd Hotel
Granted at that absurd time in the morning there was not a welcome committee waiting for us and we weren't really even expecting to get a room since we were hours before check in but some friendly smiles and travels luck we came up the charming registrar at the front desk and were given the last available room.

This is hands down the coolest hotel room ever! You walk into the room to see a staircase that heads down and leads to a mystery passage door. A full kitchen with appliances, 1920's furniture and clearly quirky Dutch designer influenced. The coolest part is our fluffy double bed is positioned in a private room within the room that is raised off the ground about 5 feet and you have to climb into. There are a couple of windows for a quaint view and it provides the ability to cut off the natural light and have pitch black restful sleep. Perfect. After taking a ton of silly pictures (that hopefully will be posted at some point), we fell into bed.

Though a bit nippy; the city is great and anytime you can have a beer with eggs for breakfast its a good time.

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  1. Sounds fantastic! I'm glad you arrived safe and sound. Happy traveling!! B