Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Very Own Lawn!

Today I mowed my own lawn. I had never mowed a lawn before, so it was an exciting double whammy. Eliot took pictures of the proud moment. It was 80 degrees and I was wearing flip flops which I was told is not appropriate show gear for this sort of task but it turn out okay. I still have all ten toes. There is apparently also strategy involved. Some mowers like an up and down the aisle path, while others prefer the circular system. I have got to say, though it was my first time and all I think my diagonal sporadic approach did not only provided a bit more entertaining way of mowing but it worked just as well.


  1. i was so proud! my luv has some serious lawn mowing potential.

  2. this is very cute! love kim

  3. Hey, How cute are you! I highly recommend the diagonal way of cutting the lawn. It's a more advanced cutting technique, but I think you can handle it. It also freaks out the squirrels.