Friday, October 22, 2010

Baby Travel

Tomorrow we head out to our first overnight trip with Lydia. We are going to Gainesville for an old friend's wedding. We are planning on driving up Saturday morning, enjoying a leisurely afternoon and heading to the celebration of love in the evening. We will stay in Gainesville and return home Sunday morning, so Eliot can play soccer later in the day. Here is my checklist for packing for Lydia:

1. Pretty little dress for the wedding
2. Tights
3. Little pink shoes
4. diapers (all the supplies with this)
5. wash clothes (you never know)
6. 2 short sleeve onesies
7. 2 long sleeve onesies
8. Jeans
9. 2 footie pajamas (cotton and flannel)
10. socks (that will fall off but I can't help it)
11. bibs (that I seem to forget to use)
12. 3 blankets (receiving and warmer)
13. Stroller
14. pump and pump bottles
15. gas drops
16. breast pads

As I sit here and list, the new mom in me wonders if I am forgetting anything. I hope it's enough. The once completely low key and rational person that is some where in my head, is sighing.

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