Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Travel Report

Turns out I used almost nothing of what I had on my list. Lydia was a laid back travel and other than her pretty dress, footie pjs and an outfit home, she used no other clothing that was packed. She also used a very small amount of diapers and luckily a small amount of wipes (I realized there that I only had taken the travel wipes that contain only 16 wipes total!) but all was good.

Our groove was great. We woke up on Saturday morning, got ready, packed the car, nursed her and off we went. Within minutes she was sleeping. We arrived to Gainesville, checked into our room. I nursed her and we were off to have our own lunch. We returned to the hotel with just a little over an hour to get ready which surely was more than enough time since all we had to do was get dressed and nurse her. We returned to our room, unbuckled Lydia from her car seat and pooplosion! She had poop all over herself and the car seat. We quickly moved on the situation.

Undressed her. Bath her. Re-diaper. Done.
Rinse clothes.Hang wet clothes. Done.
Take apart car seat. Wipe. Wash by hand insert. Dry with hair-dryer. Reattach. Done.

Madness averted. Just goes to show that no matter how prepared you may be, something unpredictable can occur at any moment. The beauty of parenthood.

The rest of getting ready occurred speedily and we were off to the wedding which was lovely. It is always wonderful to hang out with old good friends and see two people deeply in love be married. It was a lovely evening.

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