Friday, October 8, 2010

Ode to Husband

When I was a little girl I wasn't really the type that played bride. I was the type that played courthouse or college lecture hall (seriously) and occasionally I played emergency room tramuma surgeon. And though, I do remember playing house, since I was an only child, I don't have many memories of playing wife. My parents have been married this year, 45 years and my grandparents have been married 63 years, so I suppose I assume that I wanted a husband in the picture. As I got older and I evaluated the concept of marriage intellectually; I knew that I wanted to get married someday but never in my wildest most amazing dreams did I ever imagine that I would be blessed with Eliot Michael Gaurkee.

As I went to meet him on our first date, I knew I was going to marry him. There just was something about him. He made me laugh, he was wickedly sarcastic (since he gave me a freaking Cranberries CD on that first meeting--yuck!) and somehow we both loved world religions and soccer. There is actually something about him that makes me feel tingly inside, still after three years--it's like that first kiss every time. It turns out that our worlds are so intertwined that it isn't even shocking any more, from him working with a long time family friend to him going to high school with friends of mine from summer camp. He played soccer for years with a coworkers son and he babysat students of mine. Endless coincidences of how small the world really is but ultimately, God and the universe wanted us together. And after the last year of life, I understand why.

There was no doubt that he was going to be an amazing father, since children near and far just adore him, but to simultaneously be an amazing husband is a harder task. For nine months, he cared for me emotionally and physically. For awhile the only thing that I wanted to eat was pasta and would happily make it for me for what seemed like weeks on end, and he shared in every bite. He packed my lunch and made my snacks for work. When the nesting hit high gear, he bought me the label maker. When I needed him to hold my hand he did and when I would get worried and ask him if she thought she was okay in there, he would always say yes! When I became obsessed with outdoor living, he built a patio. When we needed more space he laid wood in the attic and in the top of the garage for our things to be stored. He went to almost every single midwife appointment. He entertained me for hours during sugar tests. When my water broke he rushed home and went with me to the midwives to confirm it. He let me almost break his hand during contractions. He fetched nurses when needed and he was right there cheering me on during the pushing.

The proud new daddy has lovingly encouraged me in every way. He took a million wonderful pictures of the entire experience. He went with the baby to the nursery so I could stay in bed. He has changed countless diapers and provided endless words of love and support during the hardest moments thus far. The love he has for his daughter and his wife literally glows out of him and there is no way to really appreciate him for everything that he does or has done. He is everything that I have hoped for in a husband, life partner and best friend. I can't be thankful enough. So today's blog is an ode to baby daddy.

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