Friday, October 1, 2010

Baby Feeding Adventures

It's difficult to think of anything other than baby stuff at the moment and in the wild two weeks that Lydia has been on the planet she really hasn't done too much to report, other than of course eat, burp and poop. In light of such things, my repertoire of blogging topics is a bit limited. Hence the subsequent post on yet more breastfeeding adventures.
I log all of the feeding times on my phone and I can see that Lydia goes through phases in which she will feed every hour. Of course, I assumed that my milk was more like Chinese food, you eat it and an hour later you are starved. Today the doctor told me that this is actually called cluster feeding. The baby is gearing up for her long sleep stretch which is 4 glorious hours, except I didn't know this so I have been staying up waiting for the next hour and missing my one daily opportunity for real REM sleep.

The other thing that I have been working on is breastfeeding with the appropriate tasteful blanket cover. These sorts of things aren't natural and are a little difficult to maneuver since I don't have a lot of practice in such things. So I have been prepping for future outings, it's been going fairly well. Sometimes the cover up falls on Lydia's face or covers her completely which bothers me. I still need to get to the smooth groove stage.

There are so many little things like this that you just assume you would know how to do, but not so much. All in all we are doing great!

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