Monday, September 27, 2010

There are no magic socks

The great sock issue of 2010. No baby socks will stay on little Lydia's feet. I have newborn socks but they fall off. My mom found some little socks that seem to work but they also fell off. My mommy friends have told me about the socks at Baby Gap which apparently have two soft elastic bands to ensure the placement of said sock on said tiny feet. Saturday, I feed the baby, and diligently went to the mall to get these magic socks. Eliot stayed with Lydia at home to make the jaunt even quicker. I arrived at the mall which was complete sensory overload for me since I have been home for so many days without external interaction. I weaved through the massive crowds of mall shoppers and arrived to the Baby Gap. I zeroed in on the magic socks. There are only 3 colors: white, blue and pink. I grabbed pink and white not because I feel little girls shouldn't wear blue but because she doesn't really have any blue clothing at the moment and these magic socks were zero to 3 months. I purchased them. I drove home. My mom washed the magic socks. They were dried. They were ready. I put them on her adorable little feet. A moment later, they fell off.

Today's mommy mantra:
There are no magic socks. 
There are no magic socks.
There are no magic socks.

Footy pajamas are the only way to ensure warm feet at night. Good thing we are in Florida, what do the Eskimos do? Sorry..What do Inuits do?

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