Monday, September 13, 2010

Still Pregnant!

Baby Girl Gaurkee is still in my belly. Recently a friend of mine told me that the average gestational period is about 41 weeks. Some how this simultaneously makes me feel better because my child is not late or stuck, on the other hand, completely freaks me out because I don't want to wait another whole week! Waiting sucks!

The thing is that I am not horribly uncomfortable which I have always thought I should be at this point, I simply want my baby already! I did notice today that when I shaved my legs the last couple of times, I apparently missed the same spot because there is a very long hair behind my knee that really shouldn't be there. I could use it to hang things on it, like my keys or something. Handy really.

Beginning in the wee of the morning hours (just in time for the 4am pee break), I was having light contractions. Fairly consistently for several hours. I was thinking that perhaps it would warm up like a jalopy in the winter up north, you turn on the engine, let it warm up while you finish getting your coffee ready and then it eventually roars up and takes you where you need to go. Unfortunately, my contractions faded way about mid-morning and didn't come back. My midwife assures me that I will know when I am in labor. She always looks at me with a smile when I tell her about these "light" contractions as if to say,  "Isn't she cute folks? Ah so new at this."

Tomorrow morning I will see my darling midwife again. Can't wait to know the update.

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