Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's my turn!!

Officially I am 39 weeks today! I can not believe it has flown by and there is little I can say against pregnancy. It really has been a lovely 39 weeks even through the Florida summer heat, the Charley Horses (which by the way have seriously decreased since I have been drinking Power-aide Zero which provides extra potassium and electrolytes but no sugar/carbs), the multiple sugar testing and the perpetual waddling.

Tomorrow mid-morning I will have an ultrasound to determine how big she is. Since my sugar testing throughout did not ever clearly state that I had gestational diabetes but was always slightly elevated, my midwife felt it was best to be sure that I haven't suddenly grown mammoth baby. If she is ginormous than we will discuss inducing. I am hoping against this option because pitocin seems to led to more painful contractions and opting for the epidural early statistically has led to more complications, so my preference is to wait until she is ready. That being said, I wish she was ready!

I keep giving her pep talks and trying to push her gently down, hoping that she sees the light. May be she got turned around in there and can't find the exit. I was thinking I could shine a red light near there kind of like an exit sign to help. She was really wiggly last night so I was trying to reason with her that she would have so much more room on the outside and that I too like to nap in cave like conditions. But to no avail. She's hanging out in there. Chilling. Cozy.

Two friends this weekend had their babies and I am so happy for them! Everyone is healthy and well. But I can't help but have a little only child voice in my head that is bellowing "It's my turn!!"

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