Monday, November 1, 2010

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Post Partum Check...Check!
Went to the midwife on Friday (Oct. 29) for my postpartum 6 week appointment and all is good. My midwife is amazing and I had actually missed seeing her. We chatted for a bit and caught up. I am almost completely back to my pre-pregnancy weight which is great. Now if I could just go back to my pre-thirties weight or pre-graduate school weight or pre-college weight...ahh aging. My parents and I have been consistently going to the park to walk which has been lovely. I think I need to pick up the pace or at least add another lap to make it worth my wild. It would be nice to make it to yoga but not sure how and as I consider what life will be like when I return to work, I am not sure how folks juggle work, marriage, home and baby. I have an increased respect for single moms.

At this point Eliot and I do everything together including bathing Lydia. It may be the novelty of it as well. I am sure at some point she will need a bath without one of us being there. I digress, I plan in my head how I will wake up early to get ready for work so I can nurse, pump, get dressed, breakfast, dress Lydia and drive her to my mom's. Some days Eliot will be home so that will be nice. Some days Eliot goes in at 9 so he will drop her off. Some days Eliot will will be gone by 6am and I will have to pull all this early morning stuff alone. I may need a check list. I may need a dress rehearsal.

It is a whole other perspective Halloweening with your little one. It is a testament to humanity this holiday as far as I am concerned. One night a year, we allow our children to knock on the doors of strangers and ask for food. We trust that the strangers will be welcoming and that the food will be healthy. There are always urban rumors about razor blades in candy but not one of those rumors have been true. In those few hallo's hours we trust our community to care for one another. Heart warming. Though my little one slept the entire time it was so fun to push that stroller from house to house with a posse of other stroller pushing parental types. Only Eli, Bella and Eva were able to make it to the door for candy. Frankly, they were the only ones able to eat candy since they have teeth and all. Eva was a cowgirl. Holland was a cheerleader. Cecila was a caterpillar. Lydia was a pumpkin. Bella was a batgirl. Eli was a grime reaper type.

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