Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Funny Shaped

I was very intentional about not gaining a lot of weight during pregnancy because of my family history of diabetes and still I danced that gestational diabetes line the entire third trimester. Lucky, I maintained my weight gain and things went well. I was also blessed enough to lose all my baby weight except a pound or two by my postpartum follow up. The thing is that even though I am the same weight I was previously or perhaps even less, I haven't checked, my regular clothes don't fit well. My maternity clothes are way too big and my everyday clothes are just weird. Per the usual life of a woman some items regardless of size fit fine, thus medium by certain makers are not a problem where extra larges by another won't shimmy over my money maker.

The Lord bestowed upon me the gift of an ample bosom since puberty set in some where in the eighties, but the milkers are now just a tad larger due to their new responsibilities of keeping my daughter well feed. Oddly they are just a size up from what they were before but somehow that slight change means my tops are just a little too tight. My belly hasn't quite tucked in to show my once noticeable waistline, but no worries my ankles seem to be the same size they have always been. Thank goodness.

The idea that your body will never be the same again is definitely true, but I wasn't really ready to be funny shaped. To boot the hormone influx has caused me more acne than normal which really started showing up in my thirties because in high school I had a pretty good complexion. Today instead of feeling like a mature well educated professional that choose to wait to be "ready" to have kids, I feel like a pubescent teen whose body has made seemingly radical changes overnight that needs to invest in Proactiv. Heck if it's good enough for Brooke Sheilds...

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