Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gaurkee Dinner Treats

Eliot and I were in a cooking mood tonight. We recently bought a grill so we have been adventurous plus Publix had a sale on steak and there you have it. I put together a Mediterranean rub which was super tasty along with Eliot's skillful cooking skills turn out well. He also tossed the asparagus on the grill. We had a light spinach and tomato salad. My tasty homemade mac and cheese on the side.

For a later dessert I chopped up Graham cracker in my magic bullet and made pumpkin spice pudding. A simple layering created a tasty treat! A warm cappuccino finishes off the meal.

Where was Lydia during this cooking extravaganza? Napping! Though she woke up crying as if we had abandoned her in a foreign country. She snapped out of it quickly upon her rescue and giggled after her own dinner.

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  1. fabulous...yummy dinner & great pic of lydia! :)