Saturday, November 27, 2010

Crib Cribbinny Cribbinny Crib Crib Crib

We returned from our trip to Miami and felt it was good time to get Lydia to sleep in her crib since we were out of our normal routine. I am proud to report that it has been going beautifully, well for the most part. The first night in the crib she ate then was put down sleepy. She kept losing her binki so we kept going in there to give it back to her. She eventually fell asleep so soundly that I woke up 4 hours later and leaped out of bed because she was so quiet. I peered over the side of the crib and watched her. She was so I did what any other insane parent does at 4am, I poked her. Still nothing. I pushed her a little nothing. Finally, I pulled her arm a bit and she startled. I sighed with relief and as I turned to stealthy leave the room when Lydia screamed bloody murder! I whipped around and picked her up. We were together for the rest of the evening.

The next night we do a similar tango. She goes to bed and the binki loss irritates her but instead of falling asleep soundly she wakes every two hours. So the baby troubleshooting begins. I rocker her in the glider. I nurse her. I activate toys that have gentle sleeping music. Eventually we kick Eliot out of bed a bit early to go to work and take over the bed. Both of us fall asleep quickly.

There are a few scenes that are simultaneously funny and heart breaking. Since she is only 2 1/2 months old she hasn't quite gotten a hold of those opposable thumbs yet. Like when she loses her binki and it falls right on her chest just close enough where she can feel it on her lips but still too far for her to get back in. But it is not without the effort of trying. When we walk in there she looks like one of the plastic fish games that are all opening their mouths trying to get the rod in their mouths. When we give her the binki she takes it back with indignation and veracity.

The last few nights have been better.  Two nights ago she sleep a very solid 5 hours. Last night She slept a solid 4 hours, nursed and went back to sleep in her crib for another 3. She still takes a bit to fall asleep unlike her father whose head simply touches the pillow and he is out. I pace from room to room occasionally concerned that I will create a permanent pathway in the hardwood that will require us to refinish them before we are ready. When the monitor is silent for a bit, I still can't just drift off to sleep, I need to go and see her to be sure that she is asleep and not trapped under something heavy. I peel myself off the bed and tiptoe into her room ignoring the creaking sounds from the wood, secretly hoping that she too is ignoring them and peer over the side of the crib and watch intently for several seconds. Sometimes I still poke her, other times I don't and yet there are moments where I seriously consider getting a mirror to put by her nose to see if there is a fog mark.

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  1. I was going to suggest the mirror instead of the poking. Much less stressful to baby Lydia! 8-)