Thursday, December 9, 2010


I had a dream last night that I was driving in a sedan with Bkay, someone I don't remember and Lydia in the car. I was speeding frantically down the street, swerving, completely pulling a speed racer on crack. I went down a narrow road with an endless lane of parked white four door cars. I was going so fast that I hit a side mirror of a parked car. I wanted to keep going but Bkay saw that a state trooper saw me hit the car. So I immediately pulled into the median and the three of us ran towards a cathedral. While in the Gothic religious temple I was running through it as if I was trying to find something but it was designed like a labyrinth, I couldn't find a way out. Suddenly I came to a giant window and saw my car in the median and remembered that Lydia was in there. I sense of panic overwhelmed me and I started to sprint through the church. I was crawling under pews, hoping on the organ pipes and shimming by choir robes. I heard footsteps and was scared so I climbed into the ceiling was slithering on stain glass when I saw a friar that looked like he was from the Byzantine era. He was pacing and muttering something. As I got closer I could begin to hear him and in a far distance I could see the car and I didn't know what to do...the panic was suffocating. I couldn't get to Lydia. I couldn't get passed the friar. I couldn't move. Argh! I woke up.

I might be getting worked up about going back to work.

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