Friday, December 3, 2010

Florida Mom

A cold front has swept threw our tropical peninsula which means that we have to bundle up. As a natural born Floridian I do things like wear socks with sandals and tank-tops under sweaters. Part of the reason is that most places as soon as the temperature drops under 75 the heat gets kicked on so you never know when you need to wrap that sweater around your butt or slip off the socks to let your feet breathe.

As most hot or mild climate places during the supposed winter there is the art of light layers because most of us don't own massive coats that will provide the majority of the required warmth. My Florida born infant is in a similar situation. My mom who in 90 degree weather says to bundle her up was over yesterday and she suggested that I should put light tight layer close to Lydia's body. I agreed basic layering principle is start with something light but close to the skin, so I put on a light long sleeve onesie. Then I put on her cute long sleeve onesie from Gap that looks like her shirt is untucked but still is a body suit. In between those I put on tights because I didn't want them to slide off, some jeans, shoes and a sweater. My little bundle of joy was bundled up alright, so much that she couldn't really move. Her arms were doing that number like kids in movies from Michigan (insert any other cold state here) where they can't put there arms down. They just run with their arms sticking straight out.

Well, I tried to put Lydia in her carseat but poor thing couldn't bend the right way and started crying. I went through the list ...Hungry? No. Wet? No. Sleepy? No. What could possibly be wrong I wondered!? I picked her up and took her into my room and laid her on the bed. I started peeling off the layers until she was smiling and wiggling around. I might have over done it.


  1. this picture rocks my socks!!

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