Saturday, December 18, 2010

Family Recap and Update

Lydia turned 3 months two days ago! Every parent in the planet has told me to treasure every second because time really flies.That is absolutely true. Every day is a whole new adventure of wonderful discoveries for our little girl. She laughs spontaneous and keeps attempting to crawl away. She holds her head up strongly and enjoys a good zerbert!

In the last couple of months, I have learned how to nurse just about any where with the help of the hooter hider. Lydia has learned to love the bath tub when it is completely filled and she can kick around her feet. Tights are a little girl's essential during cold months. On Santa's list is an exersaucer and a couple learning toys that make music that she can grow into. There are some socks that are slightly better than others but socks are easier once I realized her feet are bigger than those tiny things. She has successfully transitioned into her crib even if she sneaks into our bed around 5 AM , she falls asleep in her bed and stays there for almost 6-7 hours every night. It's really amazing! (Thank you all for all of your advice!) Lydia is aware of her toys and grabs at them! So we have daily play time.

It's certainly been eventful the last few months. We have visited family. Gone on several little trips all over the state including Leesburg, Gainesville, Ocala, Sarasota and Miami. We have learned to be a family on the go. We have weeded out her infant clothes and many of her 3-6 month ones and put in the 6 month wardrobe. We have learned to make small spaces work.

I have milk stored and ready to be unfrozen. A few weeks from now I will return to work and need to learn how to pump during the school day but more importantly cope with the separation. Luckily my folks will be taking care of her at our house and I have the best job ever. I am hoping the transition is as smooth as can be expected.

We have been asked to be the Holy Family for Christmas Eve service at church, so we are excited to make our theatrical debut as a family. Surely Lydia will meditatively lay in her manger in front of the congregation during communion.

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