Sunday, January 2, 2011

Only 10 Hours Left

The holidays as always were a wonderfully delightful whirlwind of family and friend fun. Our first Christmas with Lydia was fantastic as we shared with all our family several meals, exchanging of gifts and the cherry on top which was being the Holy Family at church on Christmas Eve. We had a great New Years with our closest friends, a decadent meal and several delicious bottles of wine.

Tomorrow my maternity leave ends. Sigh. A day that I knew would come. To be honest at first I wasn't so sure that it would be the emotional separation that many describe. I sort of missed my job. I missed teaching and knowing what was going on campus. In a lot of ways working was less work than being a mom. Being a stay at home mom is possibly the most difficult job there is; it is physically taxing particularly if you are nursing, it's emotionally exhausting and the expectations are out of this world. Working full time seemed like a nice opportunity to have your identity, moments of solitude and luckily I have a great job.

14 weeks later...I don't wanna leave my baby! She is worth every ounce of exhaustion and high expectations. I am the luckiest working mother on the planet because my retired awesome parents will be caring for Lydia in my own home! They are coming to us! I don't even have to suffer through the getting her ready and dropping her off. My super husband will take care of her on his off days to give them a break and my school day ends at 3:20. There is no better scenario and still I I don't want to leave my baby.

Today she found her feet!

Yesterday she found her reflection!

The day before she found her dress!

And the day before that...well she is just so darn cute! Look at her!

So tomorrow no matter how lucky I am to have a great job, amazing parents and a terrific husband, this mommy wishes she was staying home.

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