Thursday, January 20, 2011

Finger Licking Good

Monday morning Lydia went to the doctors for her 4 months check up. It is hard to believe. She is 14 pounds 6 ounces, 25 1/2 inches long. She was a little irritated with having her clothes taken off and a doctor check her out but other than that all was good. The doctor gave us the green light for solids foods, so we began the adventure that very night.

We mixed a spoonful of organic rice cereal with 4 spoonfuls of formula and we were off. At first she was a little confused. I imagine if she had words she would have asked: what the heck is this mushy stuff? Luckily at this point she doesn't and so eventually she got the rhyme of spoon and excitedly opened her mouth. Matter of fact, she was getting rather pissed in between spoonfuls because she was hungry and wanted more. The initial attempt was successful. We assumed that our gifted child would continue to enthusiastically open her mouth and want more. She would be just short of asking to pass the peas and wanting a second helping of squash. Turns out not so much.

The subsequent days she has decided she doesn't like this system.  She doesn't like this whole having itty bits of mush in her mouth and wait for more itty bits of mush. She wants sustenance and she wants it, well when she wants it. I nursed her first to take the edge off and that seemed to work best. Eliot gave her a full bottle yesterday morning before and apparently she just wasn't hungry. Last night she had a good nap. We played for a bit but I didn't want to fill her up before and so I put her in the chair gearing up for some good eating time and she was angry that I would even dare to try to mush train again.

Many doctors are now saying that instead of starting with rice cereal you can start with a vegetable or a fruit because it has better taste and it also promotes healthy eating habits from the get go whereas rice cereal fills them up on a high carb diet. Philosophically I don't really have much of a preference at this point, though I understand the concepts of setting important precedents but depending on how the rice cereal goes with Abuela this morning, I may try something with flavor tonight and it may be prunes. Prunes may help get this going in other areas which may be a part of the problem. Since breastmilk is the super food that gets completely absorbed by the baby's body there often is no poop (which is a nice change from the poopslosion stage) but rice cereal can also cause things to well,  to slow down, so perhaps the prunes kick start those tiny intestines and we will be back on the gravy train.

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