Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spinning Carrots are Deeeelicious!

Yummy in the tummy! Lydia has really gotten the hang of this food thing which is really fun. She loved carrots and yesterday we added bananas to the mix which was equally as fun and turns out that bananas are yum yum in the tum tum as well. Actually it turns out the old saying "what goes in must come out" (it may be what goes up...but it works about the same) is also true which we learned shortly after she was done with her bananas. She had started getting a little fussy which I interpreted as her being full. I cleaned her up her face which she didn't find amusing, took off her bib, unhook her from the high chair and picked her up. Suddenly, a whiff of stinky danced by and I said, "Houston we have a problem!" When I looked down it turns out that this little whiff was a big splat up her back, Eliot and I started laughing. The laugh was a knowing laugh indicating that our itty bitty baby was stepping it up a notch in the poop department and that we no longer had the benefit of scentless infant doodoo.

She is so close to rolling over from her back to her front. She can do a pretty elaborate twist as if she was attempting a complex yoga pose. When we do twists in yoga class the instructor usually says we are squeezing out the toxins which always seems to cross my mind when I watch her but I wonder what toxins could she possibly have and what else could be squeezing out of her? Regardless, at any given second she will be make that roll and it will be on. She loves tummy time and as soon as she realizes that she can roll I imagine that she will be trying to apply that motion to her knees and she will be on the go. She can spin pretty well. some of may be curious on spinning and may not find it in What to Expect the First Year. Spinning is the milestone where you leave your baby parallel in the crib and when you check back they are perpendicular or their head is on the other side. This can drive a mommy crazy because you could swear that you left her in a certain position but evidence shows that she is no longer in that position. You question if you remembered correctly or if you are losing your mind, luckily it's neither! Your baby spins!

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