Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Good Wife

How much TV is too much TV? Lydia watches TV, mostly cartoons, but she runs around and plays. She babbles all day long. For  being 13 months, she does pretend play with her toy kitchen, her music stand or barn all the time. Matter of fact at 11 months, she would sit and take little people and put them inside her barn and move them around. Thus I am fairly certain that she is completely on the appropriate developmental road, at this point and God willing will continue to be. Who I am worried about is...well  is me.

At the end of a long day dealing with darling adolescents, I get home, I play with my own daughter and once she goes to bed I usually crave vegging out and watching TV. At one point I thought that my tastes in television shows would best be described as vintage. I rather watch a sitcom like I love Lucy or Happy Days  than any silly Housewife from any silly county. I like gangster movies like Goodfellas and The Godfather so it would bare to reason that I would enjoyed The Sopranos and Criminal Minds. The girly part of me liked Sex and the City  and the gen-Xer in me liked Friends. Since my life has radically changed in the last year, family themed television has become more prominent, shows like Modern Family or Parenthood, even the new show, Up all Night, is targeted towards me and I buy in. My love for food, houses and craft puts me in a faithful watcher of Top Chef, HouseHunters and Project Runway. Sigh. There is just a LOT of television in my life. And I wonder, are my brain cells melting? Is the screen time sucking the intelligence out of my brain?

I spend a lot time on the computer at school either creating assignments, reading emails or responding to them. I shop online. I have relationships that are strictly online through social networking. I travel from point a to point b with my cell phone in hand to fill in any gaps of time. Whether its the need to find out a piece of information immediately or calling a friend, or playing Words with Friends. It is on hand. If I do have time to read, which I don't always, I use my IPad, yet another device. Because my reading time is limited I now download magazines on to my IPad kidding myself that it is an environmentally sound decision. I wake up in the middle of night and I am unable to fall asleep I pick up my phone and play in pinterest to get ideas or trulia to look for our "forever" house until my eyes tire and close for the rest of the night.

Am I trapped under the progress of my technology? Is there too much screen time for 35 year olds? Or is it just a concern for the young? Can I develop ADHD?

I love the show the Good Wife. It very well may be my favorite...

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