Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Octoberish Halloweening

October 1st has come and gone and the weather here in Florida has been absolutely delightful. The slight crisp air in the morning. Amazingly blue and warm but not suffocating days and breezy evenings. We have gone on lots of walks and visited many playgrounds in just the last couple of weeks. Last week Eliot worked mostly evenings so Lydia and I had walking/play time with so many friends: The Rohrs, The Broadaways and The Newmans.

Since the holidays are upon us I have successfully gotten down the  Halloween/Thanksgiving box (meaning Eliot got into the attic and pulled it down) and decorated the house. My crafty bug kicked in and I put together a kid Halloween wreath for the inside of the door. And the front door stoop is decorated with pumpkins and skeletons too.

Over the weekend we did manage to go to our first pumpkin patch with Holland and her parents. It was the same one we went to with them last year when Lydia was only about a month old.

Wow how they have grown! This year they had so much fun! And we the parents worked hard to take as many pictures of them looking in the right direction as possible. The girls loved dragging the wagon and towing around pumpkins. We are hoping to go to a couple of other Halloween festivals in the area in the month to come.

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