Thursday, October 27, 2011

Little Surprises

When I get the chance to take a shower I typically start the water first. Now before any nutty environmentalists get cranky, I understand that I shouldn't do this or leave the water running while I brush my teeth and someday because of my carelessness I will be responsible for the demise of human existence, nevertheless I remain a creature of my routines and thus I digress. I take my time getting a towel, undressed and quite honestly pick at my face like an awkward adolescent which should know better not to. That is neither here nor there, last night when I finally stepped into the tub, I almost took a slide on a soaked Bed Bath and Beyond advertisement. At any other point in my life, I would have put my hand in the air in protested at the injustice but it was a little surprise from Lydia.
after eating an ice cream cone
Lydia has a favorite bath toy and it's awesome. It's a Yookiddo Stack and Spray fountain. She got it for her birthday. It squirts water and has all these interchangeable items that make the water do different things, one sprays, the other spins, etc. She is always trying to get to this toy. So if the door is open she will go into the bathroom and stare inside the tub. She usually has something in her hand. As the wheels in her head turn you can see that she is struggles with the ideological quandary of how to get the bath toy without having to let go of the other items. Her latest strategy has been to throw in her toys, or in this case Bed Bath and Beyond ad, and then try to climb into the tub to retrieve them all. She can't make it in the tub, thus we find little surprises.

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