Friday, March 9, 2012

Gender Bender

Yesterday I received the most miraculous news that I in fact passed swimmingly all 4 tests of my glucose testing which really had me walking on clouds because based on previous experience it seemed like such an unlikely result. G2 heart beat was strong and pumping loudly. My midwife and I chatted lovingly because she is amazing, then I made the appointment to have my 20 week ultrasound and find out the gender of baby Gaurkee II.
I can't believe it but in just about two weeks we will know whether this little one is a girl or a boy. People always ask which one we are hoping for and to be honest we are both honestly excited for either. On one hand we are set up for a girl. We have saved a ton of clothes just in case we had another girl. We have girl toys and girl decor and we are girl ready. All the women in my life that have sisters, gush at the thought that Lydia would have a sister close in age so they can be the best of friends growing up in between pulling each others hair out.

On the other side, a boy would be nice. We have absolutely love the experience of having a daughter and it would be fun to have a son as well. We each could have the relationships of mother daughter father daughter/ father son mother son. Lydia could also be the best of friends with a brother and they can learn things from each other from an alternative perspective.

Which would be better a sister or a brother? A daughter or a son?

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