Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Longest Flight Ever

For our anniversary, for our second baby moon, for a nice trip for my folks, for spring break we decided to go to Vegas. Our connecting flight was through Miami which should have been my first red light when I booked it. Nothing good ever comes from the Miami airport.

The stars didn't quite align for Lydia to take nap which I just assumed she would fall asleep on the plane however there is a difference between a 14 month old on a plane and an 18 month old. A lesson well learned today.

I will also admit that I thought Nevada was in a different time zone which did slightly throw off the timing of things such as I would've never had us arriving at 1 am our time. All things being equal...

Lydia fell asleep in Miami and as we board our flight the airline attendant in hopes of simplifying our experience hoovers over the stroller waking her up. Having slept a total of 5 minutes she started crying and didn't stop for at least an hour. In her entire life she has never cried that long. We were desperately waiting for the plane to take off so the lights would be dimmed and the movement would put her to slept but apparently our plane didn't have any phalanges and it took too long to figure it out because my fairly go with the flow daughter could not stop crying.

Thank God Lil' Kim's doppelgänger was sitting next to us and as I apologized she just said "Girl Don't worry because I have a baby too." that's all she uttered and then put on her glasses which must have taken her to a magical land of oz because she fell asleep as if her luxury coach seat was set to the perfect sleep number. The rest of our neighbors were less understanding.

I noticed through the screaming that Lydia was wet. It was clear because I was all wet too. I changed her right there and then. It was either something else or a diaper malfunction because the diaper was dry. However when the steward came by asking for trash and I had done the magic mommy wrap plus put it in my 2oz water cup he threw a mini fit. Demanding that I should've creating a more suitable barrier between him and a perfectly dry diaper that was wrapped tight inside of a plastic cup whose only additional germs were his when he gave it to me. In my passive aggressiveness I began to day dream leaving several diapers in the seats filled with various items that would cause actual repulsive responses but I did in fact resist.

My folks sat behind us which was both a blessing and a curse. On won hand it was nice to pass Lydia off for a while and full grandparent entertainment. While she was crying I could adapt the "what is wrong with that kid" look for a minute. But the negative is that Lydia, of course thought she could just jump from side to side as she pleased.

It was an exhausting flight. Lydia fell asleep about 30 minutes from our initial decent and sprawled over us which solidified the fact that from now on she will need her own seat. Based on her 18 month well visit she is 25 pounds and 34 inches tall. The doctor predicted she would be 5'7". When I squeezed out to use the restroom the baby in my belly started to move around as if to say "finally I have some room!" Lydia did look super cute laying on our laps.

To top everything off, when we landed after we taxied over half of las Vegas everyone pops up per the norm to get their overhead items and the guy next to me actually after 6 hours of insanity with a screaming toddler attempted to battle me for which side of the row was to exit first. I about went Cuban ninja on him.

Las Vegas looks spectacular. It took Lydia very little to go to actual sleep and they have real cribs here at the Mirage which helps for her comfort. I had Charlie horses all night which was led to this early wake time but I'm thankful for the chance to blog. I look forward to a morning buffet of some sort and a day exploring the wonder of Sin City!

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