Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Las Vegas Showtime

We started the day taking a picture of Harrah's. Las Vegas is hands down a giant grown up Disney World. It is theatrical, spectacular, and created to impress on the outside and the inside.

Inside of Cesar's Palace are giant goddesses.

Talking god fountains.

And of course the replica of the colosseum with a perfect Roman sky to match.

We played slots at every casino we entered.

Poseidon sent us luck as we left.

The Bellagio was even more spectacular with the indoor botanical Dutch garden.

Chihuly ceiling sculpture in the lobby.

And of course the infamous fountain show. We saw the classic shows but we were most impressed with the tribute to Michael Jackson.

A quick visit to Paris to see all the amazing replicas.

In the evening we watched and danced to blues at BB Kings.

Saw the Treasure Island Siren show with grand finale of fireworks.

Luckily we caught the parasol flower color light show at the Winn. We enjoyed another indoor spring garden here.

We finished off the night with the volcano spectacular at our very own Mirage but I missed the picture, so instead we have the self portrait of us with the strip.

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