Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Big Baby Reveal

I am 24 weeks this week. Six months in. Over the half way mark. This baby is a soccer player always moving and kicking. The baby is positioned way at the bottom of my belly and often feels like I should be holding the baby up with a crane. I have been having a bit more cramping than usual which takes me laying down and resting to go away. Difficult to navigate with a toddler and the end of a busy school year; there is not always time for putting my feet up.

At our traditional 20 week ultrasound we would have found out the gender of the baby but our tech was a wreck. She sadly has been less than desirable in our interactions with her. And this time was not any different. We were in and out of the session in 15 minutes. She took all the pictures she needed for growth requirements and then ultimately glanced at the gender area determined she couldn't see anything and was done. She said she guessed it was a girl but told us to keep our receipts. With Lydia we had another wonderful tech that also had a "butt" shot however little lines appeared that determined that Lydia was in fact a little girl. This time our tech even said there she couldn't see any lines. So we left the office, and I cried for an entire day until my reasonable mind set in.

What snapped me back into normalcy was reading online babyboards about people that were disappointed about the gender of their child. Some were helpful comments for people that really had one in mind over another like a boy over a girl or a girl over a boy. The comments consisted of that any expectation that isn't met can cause some disappointment which is natural. Some comments were reassuring, some encouraging, but others were wildly inappropriate. Such as recommending  late term abortions and waiting until you got what you wanted. Others saying that they had their boy instead of a girl and they still weren't sure how they felt about them. In the middle of these, what I consider to be insane, comments, I realized in my heart of hearts that I would be thrilled with a baby of either gender.

Willing to wait for the ultimate reveal, I asked Eliot if he thought we should find out. Having another ultrasound at our doctor's office was a little pricey but there are other venues that do 3D/4D that are actually much more cost effective AND guarantee results, thus if they cannot see the goods this time another visit is scheduled for free. Eliot is a planner. I am a planner. We like to organize. Sort. Shop. So he voted for the early surprise rather than one 3 months from now. Tonight, we have our appointment. We are geared up! Ready. And a little nervous....what if we still can't know? Another appointment? Another wait? I am not sure my pregnant brain can handle the ambiguity another few weeks.


  1. Very exciting! Looking forward to this news.

  2. Oh my! I feel anxious/excited for you! Are you you glong to reveal it to us or make us wait? Being a mom of two boys, and no experience parenting girls, I can say with all certainty that little boys love their mommas. And a side being at 24 weeks is exactly when Langston was born!

  3. I have 3 girls. I would not change it for the world. I would say I was curious about a boy but I TRUELY know that these girls were meant for me and my husband! My youngest girl is my soul mate in a weird way. Only you will mold your child, so if you don't like them later, that is your fault! LOL

  4. based on old wives tales and hearsay (always reliable sources), I have been told that if you feel like you carry the baby very low, you are having a boy. I'm sure you'll love the little squirt anyway, and who knows, it might even grow up and feel like a different gender anyway! Can't plan for everything!