Saturday, April 28, 2012

A little more pending projects

Just a bit of an update on some pending projects. I have seen this a million places but finally was motivated to put it together. This didn't cost me a thing. I have had an old set of wood frames in the garage forever and since I had spray paint I figured let's do it. A serendipitous but cute touch is that the ribbon I used were all salvaged ribbons from gifts that Lydia has gotten, mostly ones from her showers. I painted the frame on one side waited about 12 hours painted the other side and stapled away. I piled on the hair ribbons. Instead of adding another hole into the wall I hung it up in Lydia's room using those velcro wall hangs that are very secure. It's looks good and now I am more likely to remember to accessorize her, because honestly I forget  being such a high maintenance girl myself.

I also finished up the second busy bag. There was a pattern that I was going to use originally but when I had the 15 minutes I couldn't find which busy bag site I had seen it on. thus I made these parts freehand. It dawned on me that the faces also worked to discuss feelings with Lydia, so I wanted to be sure I had sad, happy, excited and the one not pictured is surprised. Since they are felt, everything is mix and match.

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