Friday, April 20, 2012


It is likely this will not be my only post about sisters. I imagine that more on this thought will develop as the years pass, however in the immediacy, I love the idea. I love that Lydia will have a friend that she will love and grow up with everyday and that as life's occurrences unfold that they may have one another to lean on through adolescent boyfriends, college parties, weddings, having children and taking care of some crotchety old parents. Sisters can be so close; sisters can be the fiercest of loyal confidants and protectors.

In the daze of the excitement, I am ignoring the fighting over clothes, pulling of hair on telling the other's secret, the smirks, and rolling of the eyes that is sure to take place.

Being an only child, I wonder what it will be like to parent siblings and what it will be like to watch them grow up together.  And desperately hope that we can help cultivate a loving respecting relationship between them. However, first I cannot help but wonder how Lydia will feel. Will there be jealousy? Will she feel replaced? Could she regress in behavior? Is she cognitively capable of understanding the relationship of this little one and who this new little person will be to her?

Perhaps even more pressing is the naming of this little girl. We are open to suggestions. If you have extra names on your baby lists that you wish a child had let us know. Our list is once again top secret and it contains a very short list of names that Eliot and I are mostly agree on.

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