Sunday, April 29, 2012

Crazy Pregnant

Everyone grab a brush and paint the town!
Today we, Lydia and I, went downtown to the Museum of Fine Arts to meet The Newman and The Rohrs clans for a Painting in the Park kids afternoon. It was a ton of fun and I think all the kids really enjoyed it. There were several stations set up all over and each had a new fun ways to use paint or markers. The first one we went to they had a several plastic flip-flops, you were supposed to paint the bottom and then put them on and walk across the canvas. Next to it was one that had cars to paint and then roll and yet another that had giant boxes to paint. The kids were running from one event to the next.
Holland and Lydia painting a truck.
There were a couple of pretty genius stations. I think the one that we had a simultaneous mommy "Aha!" moment was the giant plastic canvas the kids could paint and then someone would spray them off and they would start all over. They had small painters canvases to make and take, chalk art, a sun dyed station, and  kite making with the local kite experts which Eli, being the oldest and a boy, really liked. He actually was able to fly his kite pretty high.
Excitedly saying "Tree!"
At one point, Lydia saw a huddle of kids near some paint trays grabbing brushes. She grabbed the yellow brush and put it in the green paint, the green brush and put it in the blue in a manner of seconds, I was walking up right behind her, when the volunteer yelled at her to stop! I simply said, well she is pretty young, she doesn't quite understand. The volunteer replied snarkly, "Well that's why her mother should be here." (or something to that effect, now I barely remember.) In that moment, the only thing I could manage out of my mouth as I walked away with Lydia was, "She is only 19 months old."

We went to paint the plastic canvas with Eva and both really did a great job, but I couldn't quite shake the volunteer. After the girls painted and washed their hands we meet Kim and Eli at the kite station where of course the tears that were so tightly being held in flooded out. I explained to her what happened just when her husband walked up. We went to grab our bags in the grass to get the kids water, and he said something to the volunteer, who immediately apologized for upsetting me. I thanked her politely, but that didn't make my pregnant eyes stop squirting.
Eva and Lydia painting a mural.
Logically, it wasn't that big of  a deal. The woman, although rude, didn't intend to upset me, matter of fact, she had no idea that she had. I still can't help but wonder still what was the big deal about mixing paint anyway? It was art day! No one was being harmed.
 Regardless, I still couldn't stop crying. I don't really cry much in general but there is nothing worse than not being able to stop when you want to. My eyes are now red and sore. I have eaten two giant cookies and I am starting to feel better. I am thankful for all my supportive friends that smiled and were ready to pounce if needed. But I really dislike the crazy pregnant x factor. The invisible button that can be tapped, that pushes you right over the proverbial edge. The remover of the dam. The button that ultimately breaks that sprinkler head and just has the water shoot straight up until the timer goes off. Eh, one more cookie won't hurt.

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