Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pregnant Sleep FlipFlop

10:15 PM Go to bed.
10:30 PM Find comfortable position that usually requires 3 pillows, pregnacy pillows, sheet, quilt, and strategic arm placements. Then read various magazines on IPad
11:30 PM Go Pee.
11:35 PM Go back to bed.
12:00 AM Find another comfortable position this time needing only 2 pillows total. Read more on IPad.
12:30 AM Go to kitchen get small snack because tummy is grumbling.
12:35 AM Go back to bed.
12:50 AM Find yet a new and different comfortable position this time needing just the pregnancy pillow.
1:00 AM  Fall Asleep.
2:30 AM Wake up. Go Pee.
2:35AM Go back to bed.
3:00 AM Desperately can not find another comfortable way to sleep, so flipflop from one side of the bed to the other. My head is now where my feet are and my feet where my head is. All pillows back on deck.
3:05 AM Fall alsleep
4:45 AM Wake up terribly uncomfortable. Sip some water.
4:50 AM Flip back the other way use only regular pillow. Fall back asleep.
6:50 AM Alarm goes off.

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