Monday, August 27, 2007

Back to School

Well, finally I am home. It has been a full week after my last rough flight from JFK (don't get me started) and now school is in session. I might have spent a little too much time gone this summer because I am not sure my cat (who does have hair once again, by the way)recognizes me. Here is the view from the Empire State Building. I choose the one that turned out to be artsy to share the other one is really boring, but I want to be clear that I didn't intend to be artsy, it was really divine intervention with the wind. So I call this, "the gods ny"

I believe that now that I have returned home I will continue with my exploration (rediscovery if you will) of the local fare of St. Petersburg. Just recently we went to the Garden. A fan favorite from our younger years. It has a great outdoor patio and usually has the best jazz around beginning on Thursday nights throughout the weekend. The Garden serves as a restaurant as well as a pub, though in my many years spending time at this location not once have I ever eaten there and there is a rumor that it is has been labeled as a dirty dining location. That aside if you are looking for a laid back evening with the ability to talk to your friends this is a nice place to go. The beers are cold, the drinks are tasty and the service has always been friendly.

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