Wednesday, August 1, 2007

End Times

Granada is filled with Morracans and their goods. The streets are lined with itty bitty alleys that have venders hiding within them. When in doubt of what country you are in, you may look up towards the mountain and see the Alhambra which is breath taking but that still isn´t much help since it was built by the Moors. Every corner has a tea shop or a kebab place. Of course in order to claim ownership Isabel and Fernanad are buried here in the Cathedral, so when in doubt remember that the imperialist Catholics are right around haunting the city creating a mixture of Spainish and Arab culture that is such a cool feel.

August has arrived and one of my students had us hold hands in a circle, look up into the dark sky to say goodbye to July last night at 12:05. I have officially been gone for 40 days and 40 nights, not sure if I am Noah in a flood or Moses in a desert, but either way it will be nice to get home for a bit. Even if will only be for bit. I arrive Friday night at midnight to Tampa and leave Monday morning at 11AM for the Boston/NY trip.

I am looking forward to having a couple of pints among kindred spirits in the ol´stomping grounds.

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