Sunday, August 12, 2007

Salem and the End of Beantown

For the first time in my life I wonder to myself why do they call it Beantown? Why are there famous Boston bakedbeans? What is this? Someone fill me in.

Today we went on a witch hunt and instead we found a lovely park and gorgeous shore. Salem is a small tourist town which for the most part is for tourists. Some of the French were a little stressed by the local dress, mostly black and spooky attire. After a haunted house, a witch trial museum and an informative video at the tourist office about Salem trade in the 1800s the group returned happily to Boston where many hours flew by at Quincy Market.

A small group of students decided to stick around for the Boston Harbor Sunset cruise which provided a spectacular view of city. We ate some local grub and strolled home. On the way we stop at several locations along the way to appreciate some street dancers, musicians and artisans. We enjoyed a demonstration of a skirt that has over 100 different uses and is reversible to boot. It was awesome and now I am regretting now investing. Below is video I took of a child that couldn't be more than 6 years old dancing.

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