Thursday, August 2, 2007

Series of Unfortunate Events

Last time I committed a series of unfortunate mistakes that, now leads me to believe that sometimes I am a really flighty person. I returned to my hotel room and I decided to run a bath. While the bath was filling I decided to sign up for 24hour internet service in my room. I filled out the appropriate form and hit send, as one would and nothing happened. I did it again. Nothing. I closed everything out and reopened it. Then it listed 2 purchases for online service totaling almost $35. As I picked up my phone I noticed that the bathroom was becoming my own private pool. I ran in and unplugged the tub. Desperately grabbing a million towels in order to prevent the entire room from being underwater.

After a long while of twisting soaking wet towels back into the tub, I hung all the towels up and got back on the phone with the internet people. I called and selected 2 for English, believing that it would be easier to explain my technological issues with the most akin vocabulary. The customer service person answered, "Hola, Buenas Noche." So I attempted to explain my predicament: card charged and no service. He asked me for a pin number which I didn't have. He asked me for a purchase number which I didn't have. Then he asked me if I had check my email. I explained that I couldn't check my email since I didn't actually have internet service in order to provide a way to check my email. he then referred me to another number. I called it. The hours of operation are from 10-12, 6-10 Monday thru Friday.

Leaving me with little choice, I dialed the first number again. My cell phone told me that I had no money left on my prepaid. Sigh. I went down the hall to borrow one from one of my colleagues (who were nice enough to help out during the flooding scenario) and then my room door shut, leaving me locked out. I went down stairs without shoes to ask for another key and asked the hotel receptionist for help with the internet issue. She then sold me a prepaid card that allowed me to access the appropriate service.

I learned that whatever I had done previously did not charge my credit card and that I was good to go. Exhausting.

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