Wednesday, February 16, 2011

5 Months: Flipping and Teething

Lydia is a flipping baby! I just received word that she finally made it to rolling over from her back to her belly. Today is her 5 months birthday! She is seconds away from crawling. She already creeps a bit. She spins. She sits fairly well but loses her balance a bit and falls over. She screams consonants and vowels mostly maamamamamammaa! And in the last couple of days she is really rambling quite a bit. I wonder what she is trying to tell us. Lydia loves to play with her toys, listen to us read and eat her books. The eating of books leads us to the following teething. 

The teething is in full swing and I have to say that I am at times unsure of what else to do. We have given her fun things to chew on. Boy does she like grabbing those things and chopping on them! At times  we have rubbed the nighttime Orajel on her gums which seems to soothe her to sleep. She has been sleeping well through the night so I can't complain. When I stick my finger in her mouth to feel around I can feel a slight sharpness and particularly hard gums in the center top front and bottom. Only once so far have we needed to use the baby tylenol and she really does not like the taste. Matter of fact, I tasted it and its super metalicy. Just because they don't have the words it does not mean that we should force them to gross tasting things particularly when the baby isn't feeling very well. There are moments when she is nursing that I think she may confuse the teething rings and me. That isn't too fun but I am thankful to still be able to nurse her even though I live in constant fear that I will stop making enough milk. That is terrifying for some reason. Eliot reminds me that my breastfeeding goal was 6 months which we are really close to but it's just not enough now. I want to make it to the summer so we can ween properly. And by properly I mean I want to be with her.

We are looking forward to spring break. We constantly brainstorm good family trips with a 6 month old. I am not sure she will enjoy a theme park, but maybe the zoo? An aquarium? What are good baby vacations? Eliot and I have carved out an American road-trip extravaganza for the summer, so beware The Gaurkees may be coming to a city near you! During the summer we will be enjoying a Mommy and Me swim lesson and some other family fun, but the Spring is still up in the air. What should we do?

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