Thursday, February 24, 2011

Slap a Soccer Ball on it and call me Mom!

On Saturday I turned 35 years old. For my birthday we went to the zoo (pictures to follow) and took Lydia's grandparents (my folks) with us in my Jeep. The Jeep was sporty. Shiny. A fun vehicle to ride in though it was a gas guzzler. I enjoyed pretending I would actually use my sport utility vehicle for off roadin' and other big wheeled recreational activities and of course, as a good suburbian I never did. I never even tied a canoe to the top, not that I own one but it is clear that I am not that sporty and squishing my parents into the back seat with the baby seat was not a great long term plan but we did it on the zoo trip. We also did it when we went to Miami in the Fall. My mother and I sat in the back with the baby, my dad shotgun and Eliot drove because they have longer legs for four hours. As I mentioned previously, not the best long term plan, so we have been discussing vehicle options.

When Eliot first suggested a minivan. I stuck my nose in the air and shook my head insulted that he thought I would be that person, that mom with the minivan. Ha! I said, "No way would I be driving a minivan!" I might have even ranted about all of those bad parents with dvd players on to anesthetize their children instead of engaging with them. I might have even thought fondly of many road trips with my parents where we chatted and I got to hear stories of when they were young in Cuba. It is completely possible that I explained that there is no actual needed correlation between being a mom and having a minivan; I was sure I could parent without it. And I would end this series of reflections with a proclamation to investigate other automobile options which of course I did, and it turns out that if you want storage and to travel with people all in the same car, a small van of sorts is the ideal mode of transport. Sigh.

Hence, we got a minivan. As we began to shop for it, we hoping not to have all the bells and whistles but luck would have it that our best deal was for a minivan that is completely and totally tricked out. This car has buttons and compartments everywhere. It has automatic everything. It truly is luxury driving. When I leave my house in the morning I feel like I am getting into a space car. And it has better gas mileage than the Jeep! Henrik the Honda is truly a space odyssey!

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