Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Aging Badminton

As you get older your life changes so much. Not to say that I am hundred years old or anything but there are moments where my body is a little stiff and seemingly simple tasks have become more difficult. As I came into work yesterday morning my arms ached and I couldn't figure out why. Then I remembered. Lydia fell asleep during the church service and her Baptism and I was holding her the entire time. Last night she woke up hungry and we had forgotten to turn on the humidifier so she was stuffy. I turned it on at 4am so it could help a little and she wanted to stay up to party. She had to stay in the room to get the benefits of the humidifier, so I put down a blanket and slept on the floor. After only an hour on the floor, my hip aches.

In hopes of holding on to my youth I have decided I need to step up the exercising! Use my gym membership! Go for walks! Enjoy the outdoors!

Yesterday as I walked around Crescent Lake with my ladies pushing the little ladies, I saw a couple of guys putting up a net. When I looked a little closer I noticed they had badminton rackets and birdies lying on the grass getting ready for a match. As we continued to walk, not missing a beat, my mind wondered on how lovely it would be to play a little badminton on a gorgeous Florida afternoon. What a great idea! Badminton! Who would have thought. I had forgotten about this recreational delight and I attempted to remember the last time I played. It very well may have been the last time I had PE. And even now, as I really concentrate on when I played badminton last, I can not pinpoint the moment. Why do we chose to erase perfectly good memories?  We happen to have a net up in the grassy area behind our house that belongs to the church. It would be an ideal place for casual game.I say 2011 is the year of the Badminton who is with me?

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