Friday, February 25, 2011

Daily Life with Lydia

Bathtime is going much better. Now that she is a little sturdier and she loves books. So a Sandra Boyton bath book was in order.

She particularly likes the chicken. When we put her in the tub in the bathroom she pretty much swims from side to side which is so cute. Can't wait for Mommy and Me swim lessons this summer!

Just a few moments from crawling. Her spinning scoot motion provides easy assess to various toy options. She loves that little piano...perhaps she will follow in the footsteps of her daddy and be a fancy keyboarder.

Zerbert faces in her pretty dress from her Great Aunt Maggie in Miami.Sending kisses and so use to posed pictures at this point.

Snacking while watching Mickey's Clubhouse. I thought I would be that person that would never allow their child to watch television because it rots their brains but it turns out I allow it. Not in high quantity but she really likes the bright colors and the talking mouse. We watch Dora the Explorer and Handy Manny as well to throw in our multicultural hippee brainwashing as well.

After all she is Latina which can be seen not only with her enjoyment of her Hispanic American cartoon friends but her love of mangoes. She loved them so much that she shoved the entire plate in her mouth. Deeeelicious!

Lydia is also enjoying being able to eat things on her own and not having to wait for us. This item below is a rice cereal "mum" which is banana flavored. It melts in her mouth so the choking hazard is minimal.  And clearly yummy!

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