Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Apples to Oranges

Both of girls were born at the end of the summer, Vivian in August and Lydia in September. Obviously, they are both girls. Even their weight and height has been exactly the same or Vivian has been a little lighter than Lydia, at every month check point. So, why don't all the clothes fit?

I have had the hardest time with clothes not fitting right and it really did just dawn on me that the reason is that they are two different body types, I am really comparing apples to oranges. It seems so obvious since they're are two different people but somehow everyone always assumes that babies are all the same sizes. I believe we may be culturally pigeon holing them already, but I may be more sensitive to that since I am a girl and I am girl with curves.

There is one rule of thumb to remember,(I think for your body too,) it's not the number inside of the garment is how it feels and looks on that is the most important. At the moment, almost all of Vivian's pajamas are 9 months for two pieces or 12 months for one piece (even a couple of the two piece ones too.) She is a tall little girl and pj's should be a little loose and comfy. Most of her pants are 9 months, but she still has a lot that are 6 months even though she is now 7 months old (please create a chart if necessary.) As far as tops, well this is a whole world full of baby size nonsense, she has some that are 3-6 months still! Most of the onesies are 9 months, because she is long but other than that its any one's guess.
My typical weeding process is now at a garment by garment basis. Either I try it on her and it fits or if it doesn't I toss it in the bucket of "pass it on" but this makes the process more difficult because I can't just blop on the floor and pull out all the 6 month items. It takes time. Normally more time than I have. So I have to be less of a nut and take it one day at a time. New mommy mantra?

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