Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 4 myrtle beach

Today was a slow start. We laid in bed for a while because , well we could. The girls stared at a each other for a bit while the adults woke up fully.

Then we made a giant breakfast to use up as much of our slightly over zealous grocery shopping as possible.

In the later morning we went to the Children's Museum of South Carolina. We are kid museum connoisseurs and I have to say I was fairly underwhelmed when we went in. It was small and had no bells or whistles but upon reflection we were there for 2 1/2 hours and my girls, the grandparents and us were all fully entertained. So the CMSC (as the locals call it) served its purpose. We played and played. Lydia learned a little about hockey.

Vivian pulled out some new budding musical talent.

Even mom got a couple of super cute photo ops. Which brings me to another reflection, do all 2 years olds make photo taking difficult or is it just mine? I do try to document every moment that I can because it makes me feel good, mostly (i take pictures and blog to stay in the moment and avoid an existential crisis) and I want them to have visual memories of our time together as a family/ their childhood. I digress, she sees the camera and doesn't look at it. She doesn't smile. It takes a zillion tries before we really get a keeper but it wasn't always that way. It she just too busy to be mama-razzied or is it a deeper toddler issue?

We came back to the hotel for lunch and to rest some. I brought some activities for Lydia. One being play-do. It's a new fan fave for sure. They all mocked me today when I declared that the best crayons are always crayola, the best play clay is play-do. I felt like it was a nugget of mommy wisdom to assert but apparently not so much, they just nodded and agreed that I had learned so much with giggles.

I also had dominoes, a necklace she threaded and some scratch color crafts. Abuelo got in on the fun. They played Dora dominoes for a while and then built castles.

The resort has a heated indoor pool which we took advantage of because our Florida blood isn't tough enough to try the ocean or the waterpark outside our balcony.

It was Vivian's first swim. She loved it! It made me very hopeful for swim lessons next month.

After our swim, in honor of March Madness we played a little ball and enjoyed the playground. It was cold, about 50 degrees today however it was a beautiful day out. Lydia is definitely a soccer girl because this was one of the only times she held the ball in hand.

What was Vivi doing? Catching up on some Zzzzzzzz.

We ended the day at Mellow Mushroom and watched Mystic River. Tomorrow we head to Savannah for the weekend. River walk, grits and shrimp and some local artists will round out this week of vacation nicely.

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