Friday, March 15, 2013

Traveling with 2 Babies

Last weekend we began to prepare for our Spring Break trip. We first had to make a list of the items needed for Vivian:
  • diapers (50, we figured she uses about 5 a day we are gone for 8 days so we add the back ups)
  • wipes
  • formula
  • bottles  (just 2 we can wash)
  • nipples (hard to drink with out these)
  • solids
  • spoons
  • 12 outfits (we are only gone 8 days but she is a baby and needs back up)
  • sheet for the hotel pack and play
  • blankets
  • a couple of toys
  • coat
  • hat
  • socks
  • swim suit
Then we had to make the list for Lydia:
  • pull ups (30)
  • night time diapers (10)
  • blow up bed (this is new, we have one and are going to take it rather than trying to create a bed for her)
  • sheet and pillow case
  • 12 outfits (she is less likely to have an accident in her pants but you never know the weather)
  • blankets
  • sneakers
  • socks
  • toothbrush
  • hair items: bows, brush, detangler
  • snacks
  • sippy cups
  • fancy shoes
  • boots (mostly because she looks adorable in them)
  • swim suit
Lydia got her very one suitcase for the trip that sports Dora on it and she has her own list of items that must be packed as well. She has pack and repacked all week:
  • Dora
  • little Minnie
  • little people princesses
  • car
  • soccer ball
  • book
  • mickey
  • minnie
  • goofy
  • blocks
  • puzzle
  • high heels
  • tea set
  • corn (play food)
  • jalapeno
  • spoon
  • brush
I have taken the liberty of crossing off all the items that are not actually coming with us to Myrtle Beach. I might be missing a list...oh right, the list of my clothes. I'll do that later.

We have never been to Myrtle Beach but it is very well known as a prime family vacation location being the host to many beaches, piers, shopping and kid friendly activities. Parenting magazine rank it on the top 5 Best Beach vacations. Ironically, we have no interest in the beach. We are coming from the beach, really. And in my opinion, having travel to all 4 corners of the US, the Caribbean and several shorelines of Europe, the Gulf Coast of Florida has the best beaches, particularly St. Petersburg where the sand is white and clean; there are areas for sunbathers, beach bars, and family picnics if you choose Ft. DeSoto. Why are we going to Myrtle Beach is we have no interest in the beach?

List of things to do at Myrtle Beach:
  • relax
  • unplug
  • read books
  • play games
  • connect as a family
  • walk around without an agenda
  • have a nice meal or two
  • do absolutely nothing that must be done
  • Lay around
  • watch a sunrise
We will leave on Sunday mid morning, God willing, with two babies, two grandparents and two parents, all, with everything they need. All in need of a relaxing, resting vacation with nothing to do.

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