Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day 6 Savannah

We learned a few things in travel today one being that Savannah is not terribly toddler friendly. They have a children's museum that was just created and it's outdoors which led us to another hurdle in a nonchild friendly city, rain. Not super storming stay in your bed rain but persistent incessant drizzle. So we stumbled upon an Easter kid event at the mall.

We rode the Easter train. In the south there is potential for that to have been borderline coo coo but no stations of the cross or anything just animated animals.

This of course leads to many other questions but I won't ramble at this point. The girls and Abuela liked it and that's really all that matters.

Then we took photos with the Easter bunny. Lydia asked him to bring her some eggs and sat patiently while the pictures were being taken. I wonder what will come of that Easter photo, likely will be an album somewhere. Where else do those to?

We had a little lunch and then rode the carrousel. It was Vivi's first ride and she loved it! She squealed in delight. Lydia had a few struggles. She and I rode first but she wanted her face painted. The face painting was ending and thus we attempted to redirect to the ride. She flipped out and we sat on a bench for the duration of the carrousel because they were waiting on us to pick an animal and there were none she wanted to ride.

Since she was so adamant about getting her face painted I told Eliot when we were finishes to go ask the painters to do something small while I took Viv on the ride. Lydia was excited to get her face painted but once she saw Vivi having such a great time she wanted to ride again. She flipped out, and it didn't go over well when we told her she had her chance.

I always consider situations like that in retrospect. Should we have let her just ride it again? Maybe this time together? It just didn't work out that way to begin with, but we didn't want her to assume that she could just throw a fit and get what she wants every time. But now 12 hours later I wonder if every moment is a learning moment or are some instances it's just okay to spring for one more ride.

We distracted her after a nice chat with the play ground. My daughter loves a play ground. It came to our attention that there must be a literacy problem in the area because she played for a while until a handful of parents let their giant children play even though it was an area designated for kids under 42 inches and clearly marked. After Eliot and another father exchanged some words we left because it simply wasn't safe for Lydia.

In this instance, Lydia was upset but I explained to her that big kids arrived and they weren't following the rules so it wasn't safe. This she grasped and actually when I put her to bed, we recapped the day and she repeated it to me verbatim.

At this point, the sun had come out and we were headed to the outdoor museum for kids and the train museum. We stopped and ran into the store for a second and Lydia had fallen asleep in the car. We really didn't have a choice but to embrace the nap.

So we spent the rest of the day napping and watching movies. We even ordered local take out wings to continue on the vegging.

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