Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 2: Myrtle Beach

It was a beautiful day in Myrtle Beach.

Sadly the Skywheel was closed for a repaint so we didn't get to ride it. But it was super cool looking.

The beach was calm since it was a Tuesday and they aren't on break season yet here. We had lunch in between Piers 14 and 2 at a boardwalk shop called Moe's Moon.

We then ate ice cream and continued to explore.

Lydia and Vivian made their first Build-a-bears, however neither actually got bears, Lydia picked a dog and Vivi a bunny.

Lydia named her pup Nema and she was a princess with crown and wand of course; Vivi's bunny is named Floppy.

We then ran into an inflatable park where Lydia bounced, climbed and slide for several hours, best 8 bucks we spent all day.

YouTube Video

Vivian also got in on the fun. We had a great day, albeit tiring, silly, jumpy, laid back day.

Myrtle Beach is likely the most family friendly location we have travel. Many of the restaurants have playgrounds, everyone seems to have a kid option, and family friendly restrooms. When traveling with kids means you've got to roll with the punches. A little person needs to poop, pee and eat almost at every turn. Vivian will nap anywhere still luckily since she's only 7 1/2 months but Lydia doesn't nap anymore so we were sure to be back at hotel with time to unwind and go put her to bed by 8:30. Tonight we ate in. We have a full kitchen and living room so it worked out perfectly. We are watching SkyFall, another redbox special and eating warm chocolate chip cookies.a lovely end to the day.
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