Friday, July 16, 2010

Baby Hats

I have seen my crochet guru and I am working on a hat project that is not quite finished yet. It hopes of practicing a bit before our next hang out session I followed a simpler pattern and completed two little hats. Both are cute, but both are from the same pattern. If you make note of that, you will notice that one is bigger than the other, which ultimately means I messed up somewhere, but I am a proud crocheting mom-to-be that happily finished two stylish head pieces for my precious little 32 week old squash.

The nursery is almost ready just a few things left to get ready and I will post pictures!

It dawned on me yesterday as I went to my 8th month midwife visit that I was 32 weeks, and that my due date is Sept. 14 which means that this whole pregnancy thing is actually 10 months! It is the biggest urban secret that pregnancy is a 9 month ordeal. Over dinner last night with a couple of friends we determined that to be exact there is slightly more than 4 weeks each month. Roughly there are 4.3 weeks in each month which means that pregnancy at best is still 9.33333333333 months long! Either way, it's more than they sell it. I have really enjoyed my pregnancy and it has been a real gift from God. But I think we should be honest about this whole thing! It's 10 months---prepare yourselves! It's not so bad! It gives you a few more weeks to get things ready! To relax!

59 days and go! Next week: Birthing Class. Registering at the hospital. Scheduling the pediatrician pre-natal appointment. Finishing all outstanding house projects.

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  1. It is 9 months... 9 full months or the start of 10. I am so happy you are enjoying your pregnancy!