Friday, July 2, 2010

Glucose Test Take 2

On Wednesday, I had to go to Quest Diagnostic to retake the glucose test which I had failed the last time. The only thing is that this go around it wasn't in the warmth of my midwife's office but in the cold lab machine that is open to all. It also wasn't just a short hour of time. It was three hours of seclusion. Three hours of waiting and getting poked. More blood sucking happening than on Twilight.

I had to fast from the night before and then  not eat again all morning, so about 14 hours of not eating for a woman that is eating for two it's not easy. It on the verge of abusive really. Eliot was sweet enough to come with me. We arrived at 7:45 am and they took my baseline blood draw. Then they ask you to drink 10 ounces of liquid sugar water which tastes like flat orange soda. After you wait. About 30 minutes later, baby girl woke up with a jolt. It seems like the sugar water gave her a sugar high. She was kicking, rolling over, wiggling...overall going nuts.

The phlebotomist escorted us to a special room away from the rest of the waiting room riff raff. The tiny room had two large recliners, a table full of magazines and boxes of disposable lab coats which she offered to me in case I got cold which I did and was thankful to have those. I dosed in and out of wakedom and ever hour Eliot would tell me it was time. I would waddle out to her, she would take my blood and I would cozy back up in the recliner.

After the fourth stick, my arm was sore and my tummy was rumbling. We gathered our things and went to Cracker Barrel (or better known to me as Crackle Barrel) for huge breakfasts. We then headed home for lovely afternoon naps.

Now we wait. Once again with fingers crossed. Mind you, I am about 7 1/2 months pregnant by the time they get this thing together with results and such I would really only have to be concerned for about a month, not so bad. I just can't seem to picture food choices without carbs at the moment.

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