Monday, June 28, 2010

Charlie's Underwear

Here it is...I can no longer put on my underwear without sitting down. I kind of do this odd thing where I dangle my underwear and hope to catch my foot in the one side. Once that side is securely on then I can fish for the other foot, then do a slide up and all set. It's a good thing I am not much of a pants or shorts girl because I think that would be exhausting.

Last week I think I got charlie horses almost every night. I figured it the reason was that at the conference I was sitting all day. My lack of movement was keeping me up at night. There is nothing like the sharp calf pain at 3am to really shake someone up. As I return to the comfort of my own bed this week, I slept until 1pm yesterday which was lovely and reminds me of being in college. Today I got up at a reasonable hour, but took a late evening nap, why not? Catching up on sleep is the best.

My only lucky element at this point is that I haven't gotten a charlie horse while trying to put on my underwear. I can only imagine that this would be dangerous and catastrophic.

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