Thursday, June 24, 2010

Really? How is she getting out?

It seems that this week especially I have really begun to worry about something. Something that may be seemingly irrational in some ways but true nonetheless. It has occurred to me that in order for my little girl to be here, she will have to come out of this belly. My belly is getting bigger, it feels like everyday now, and moving is getting to be a little more difficult. Sitting too long is rough. Walking too long is rough. Standing. Laying. Rolling over from one full side to another full side and springing from the bed is no longer an option. Though, I remain active and cheery there is not only a forced sense of conscientiousness that is now coming into play with every movement, but the inevitable truth that she's gonna come out. Whenever she is good and ready. God willing that will still be in a couple of months, but she is still gonna wanna come out. And at the moment it baffles my mind on how exactly that is going to happen. She is the size of head of cabbage, honestly the physics/biology simply does not compute. Alternatively, the other option is that she stays in there forever, at the moment that doesn't seem like an impossible plan.


  1. You will birth her! You will birth her beautifully.. visualize the birth you want to have. I would LOVE to be your doula if you would like.

  2. Oh my! This is getting to be quite the adventure for you! I am sorry I can't offer any advice because I am in awe of you, super gal, for taking the life cycle into your own hands, er...womb. Get it!

  3. Thank you Lynn and Allie! You both are lovely for your encouragement!