Monday, June 21, 2010

More New Mexican Fun

When I last wrote we had  ventured through a good portion of Northern New Mexico. We were still on short trail kick, so we headed to Tent Rock. Unfortunately, we made it all the way there and they were closed for road paving. We quickly found another delightful location to visit: El Rancho de Las Golodrinas. This living historical museum transports you to the 1700's Spanish Colonial village. We were lucky enough to stumble on the "Dances with Wools" festival (still has me giggly.) The odd thing about our little diverted plan was the over the top reenactors with their over the top friendliness were a little too cult like. Our stride got faster as we began to wonder if people ever left el Rancho. After this little adventure we headed back to the  hotel and took a nap. Naps are nice. It turned out perfect. One major recommendation when traveling preggers, go slow and rest, there is never a hurry. If you miss something, you can always visit again.

In the afternoon, headed to Canyon Road to check out the galleries and have a late lunch. I was so excited to find El Farol, a Spanish tapas restaurant. I enthusiastically ordered us tapas and a small gazpacho for me to start. Sadly, I was disappointed. The flavors were off, the gazpacho was just okay. It was an all around disappointing experience and it made me yearn for this tiny beach restaurant in Cadiz. We treated ourselves to giant double chocolate shakes at the plaza later on, since I will sadly have to take my diabetes test again. I might as well enjoy now. Yes, I failed it! Damn it! So I will need to take the 3 hour fasting sugar test at the ever so exciting Quest when I return to the 'Burg.

The next day we headed for Albuquerque since Eliot returned home this morning. We checked in to our hotel and went to Sandia Peak Mountain to ride on the World's Longest Sky Tram. I didn't really think too much about it. I didn't read the brochure. Once we were there, on the tram. I looked down. I hate heights. My stomach drops and my overly analytical mind starts racing about the weakness of man made things. The kid running the tram can't even vote, and the other passengers are making jokes about how it would feel to fall. We go passed the second major marker and the drop is far. Suddenly, my stomach drops further and I consider that I am horrible mother. I have place my unborn child in a tiny moving metal contraption miles from the solid earth and she can do nothing about it. My anxiety starts squirting silently out of my eyes. We made it to the land which is about 11,000 sq. feet above. Once we arrive the views were spectacular and the breeze was wonderful. We had a little lunch and took some pictures. On the return trip one of the young workers took the ride down on top of the tram, she was harnessed on and that was it. I found this soothing. I also positioned myself in the middle where I could't see a thing. May defeat the purpose for some, but it was comforting. Surely this was one of those moments that I being pregnant only produces more of an emotional response. I have been on the Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building, The Space Needle; I have hike some ruins in Peru at some of the highest elevations in the world and somehow, I managed to keep my head. Who knows.

We rested again, and strolled Old Town Albuquerque. We had dinner at La Hacienda which was surprisingly tasty and had the best restaurant sopapillas we've had. This morning Eliot returned home and I return to Santa Fe to start the World Religion's Institute on Hinduism.

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  1. Good 'ol Albuquerque! You could have visited Allison's grandpa had I know ;)

    Enjoy the conference! Oh, I assume you are skipping any activities on Wednesday morning?