Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pregnant Packing

Packing for a trip while pregnant is not an easy task. There is so much to consider. For example, there is the marathon dash through the Atlanta airport with only a 38 minute layover. I have to be prepared to do a 6 3/4 month belly sprint in the most comfortable of clothing possible: sneakers, lightweight pants, t-shirt and super light sweater for the possibility of a chill on the plane. During the day in Santa Fe the weather should be in the mid 80's: flip flops, skirts, tank tops and such. In the evening, it reports a shivering 55 degrees, and I can no longer fit into my winter clothing so my super shopping mama and I went and got a couple of things at very reasonable prices that I can likely use after I have the baby, which is nice. That is just the weather to think of!

I have truly been lucky that the handfuls of things that I have purchased are versatile and still fit, but there is the occasion when things are just not working well. Not to mention the EWE (emotional woman effect), which states that at any moment your outfit can make you feel ugly, fat or funny, so you have to pack for those eventualities because in normal state of womanhood you can shake it off, during pregnancy you have a hysterical cry, a long spacey sit on the bed and then the sense to change clothes and move on kicks in. I hope to skip all of the later by having many options. So with just a few waking hours left before travel, I am ready for our Babymoon!

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  1. thanks for the tips...i'll needs them in a few months for disney! :)