Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Count Down!

Today marks the official 6 1/2 months of pregnancy! According to the literature, she can open her eyes now. How sci-fi is that? She can see my insides. Lucky for her, she has no idea what she is looking at, but I wonder if I pick up one of those prenatal educational tools and added an anatomy CD if she would be a medical genius. That is Mommy's bladder you are pushing on! Yes, that is her crazy belly button! As you can see on the counter, there are less 100 days left of my pregnancy. I can't believe that we will have our little one so soon. Of course it causes a little anxiety considering all the things that need to be squared away before her arrival, but surely that is just the excessive nesting kicking into overdrive.

Schools out for summer! Two days and some hours until the beginning of the World Cup! Eight days until we head to our Babymoon in Santa Fe!

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